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Stock Components for R&D Customers

12.7mm and 25.4mm 1064nm Cavity Mirrors(Different Ratio+AR Coated)  Word Version
High-Energy 1064nm+532nm Cavity Laser Mirrors(Flat&Concave)  Word Version
High-Energy 808nm Pump and 1064nm+532nm Cavity Laser Mirrors(Flat,Concave&Convex)  Word Version
0-Deg AOI 915,940,975,980nm Pump Mirror for 1100,1115,1150nm Fiber Laser Cavity Flat  Word Version

45-Deg AOI 532nm and 1064nm HR Mirrors  Word Version
0-Deg AOI 1064nm HR Mirrors Flat&Concave with Long ROC  Word Version
0-Deg AOI 355nm,532nm,1064nm HR Mirrors  Word Version

0-Deg & 45-Deg HR1064nm & HT532nm SHG Coupler Mirror
0-Deg PR1064nm & HR532nm SHG Coupler Mirror  Word Version
D12.7x6mm 1064nm Output Couplers Flat R75 or T25  Word Version
D12.7x6mm 1064nm Output Couplers Flat&Concave  Word Version
0-Deg AOI 1032nm,1064nm Partial Reflection Mirrors(1030-1070nm)  Word Version
0-Deg AOI 1550nm C-band HR,PR Mirrors,Output Couplers Flat  Word Version

780nm HR Mirrors, Cavity Output Couplers  Word Version
493.5nm and 780nm HR Mirrors, Cavity Couplers (flat and concave)  Word Version
700-1150nm HR Mirrors (flat and concave)  Word Version

0-Deg 1064nm & 532nm Laser Windows  Word Version

AR 650-1100nm Coated Plano-Convex Lens D25.4&D12.7mm EFL 15mm-1100mm  Word Version
1064nm AR Coated Focusing Lens EFL 15-3000mm  Word Version


Photonik Singapore,the leading solution provider in laser optics & fiber optics,would like to offer powerful technical support and product services to help Singapore postgraduate/undergraduate students to finish their research projects or final year projects with limited time span at most efficiency.

Our Loan Plan was started from Jan, 2007 to support all Singapore schools, institutions, polytechnics and universities.

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