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155MHz Amplified Fiber-Optic Photodetector (PIN+TIA) Module
 Date rates up to 155Mb/s
 High performance InGaAs PIN Photodiode with TIA
 Operating Wavelength Range: 1250-1620nm
 Single +3.3V power supply
 Wide dynamic range
View Details:   PHOTONIK_155MHz_Amplified_Fiber-Optic_Photodetector_(PIN-TIA)_Module.pdf
DC 1.5GHz InGaAs Coaxial Photodetector Modules
 Single mode or multimode optical fiber pigtailed
 Operating wavelength of 1100 ~ 1650nm
 High speed response with frequency of DC ~ 1500MHz typical
 High responsibility and reliability InGaAs PIN chip PD
 Low capacitance and low dark current
 TO hermetic, mini coaxial-pigtailed package(or with flanges)
 Wide applications in networking and fiber sensor systems
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC_1.5GHz_InGaAs_Coaxial_Photodetector_Modules.pdf
DC 1.5GHz Compact Casing InGaAs Photodetector
 Compact size with completely self-contained components
 Super light-weight
 Direct OE conversion
 Super low dark current PD module built-in
 Long life battery for continuous operation
 Spectral Range: 900nm - 1700nm
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC_1.5GHz_InGaAs_Photodetector.pdf
DC 2GHZ InGaAs High Linearity Photodiodes
 Response Wavelength: 1100-1650nm
 Responsivity: 0.85/0.90A/W @ 1310nm, 0.90A/W @ 1550nm
 Capacitance: 0.5pF
 Dark Current: 1nA
 Operating Voltage: -20V ~ -5V
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC_2GHZ_InGaAs_High_Linearity_Photodiodes.pdf
DC-5GHz Fiber Pigtailed InGaAs Photodiode
 High Responsivity
 800nm-1800nm Spectral Range
 SM/MM Fiber Pigtailed with Optional FC/ST/SC Connector
 Low Dark Current
 Fast pulse response
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC-5GHz_Fiber_Pigtailed_InGaAs_Photodiode.pdf
DC-5GHz Direct Connectorized InGaAs Photodiode
 High Responsivity
 800nm-1800nm Spectral Range
 FC/ST/SC Connectorized / Receptacle
 Low Dark Current
 Fast pulse response
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC-5GHz_Direct_Connectorized_InGaAs_Photodiode.pdf
DC 12GHz SMF Pigtailed Photodetector
 Operating wavelength 1100 ~ 1650nm
 DC ~ >12GHz broadband width
 High responsivity, planar GaInAs/InP PD structure
 SM-28 fiber coupled with FC/UPC fiber connector
View Details:   PHOTONIK_DC_12GHz_SMF_Pigtailed_Photodetector.pdf
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