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BK7 Glass Substrate    - Stock List in our Optics Shop
BK7 is a borosilicate crown optical glass with high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content. Its good physical and chemical properties make it widely used in visible and near IR range (330nm-2100nm). Most of windows, lenses and prisms, which used in laser, optical system, optical communication, are made from BK7 glass.
UV Quartz Substrate    - Stock List in our Optics Shop
Fused Silica is formed by chemical combination of silicon and oxygen. Fused Silica is perfect optical material due to its good UV and IR transmission (185nm-2500nm), low coefficient of thermal expansion (0.54x10-6/K). It has high stability and resistance to thermal shock over large temperature excursions, wide temperature operating range and high laser damage threshold.
Corning Eagle 2000 Glass Substrate    - Stock List in our Optics Shop
Due to its unique, low-density composition, Corning EAGLE2000 is the lightest AMLCD glass substrate on the market. The new product allows Corning's customers to use thinner glass substrates, ranging from 0.4mm - 0.63mm in thickness versus the conventional 0.7mm product.
Schott D 263 Thin Borosilicate Glass
D 263 is a low alkali borosilicate glass that is produced by melting the purest raw materials. As such, it is very resistant to chemical attack. D 263, with its specific properties and large range of different thicknesses with tight tolerances, is exceptionally well suited for a number of applications including: liquid crystal displays, optoelectronics, touch control panels, sensors, electroluminescent displays and solar cells. Due to a special down draw production process, D 263 glass sheets are marked by fire-polished surfaces; this glass type can be used without ground and polished surfaces.
MgF2 Material
MgF2 is a birefrigent material crystal with excellent physical and chemical properties. It provides wide transparent range, high transmissibility. MgF2 is a rugged material resistant to chemical etching, mechanical, and thermal shock. High vacuum UV transmission and resistance to laser damage make MgF2 a popular choice for VUV and excimer laser windows, polarizers, and lenses.
Calcium Fluoride
CaF2 is a crystal with good transmission from 170nm to 7800nm. It is slightly soluble in water and susceptible to thermal shock. CaF2 is commonly used in IR components such as windows, lenses and prisms.
Silicon Substrate
GaAs Substrate
InP Substrate
ZnSe Substrate
LiNbO3 Substrate
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