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Silicon Crystal
A single crystal, also called monocrystal, is a crystalline solid in which the crystal lattice of the entire sample is continuous and unbroken to the edges of the sample, with no grain boundaries.The opposite of a single crystal sample is a polycrystalline sample, which is made up of a number of smaller crystals known as crystallites.
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Sapphire Crystal
As the hardest one of all the oxide crystals, Sapphire has the combination of optical and physical properties that makes it the best choice for a variety of demanding applications. Sapphire maintains its strength even at high temperature. It has good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties and is resistant to chemical attack.
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Nd:YAG Crystal
During the last decade, Nd:YVO4 has been developed as promising substitutes for Nd:YAG in diode-pumped solid-state lasers due to its high absorption and emission cross-sections. However, the applications of YVO4 are limited due to its poor physical-mechanical properties and growth difficulty etc. Our high-doped Nd:YAG (SUPER-Nd:YAG) were developed, which shows high absorption cross-section and have many advantages over Nd:YVO4.
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Nd:YVO4 Crystal
Nd:YVO4 is the most efficient laser host crystal for diode pumping among the current commercial laser crystals, especially, for low to middle power density. This is mainly for Nd:YVO4's absorption and emission features surpassing Nd:YAG. Pumped by laser diodes, Nd:YVO4 crystal has been incorporated with high NLO coefficient crystals (KTP,BBO,or BIBO ) to frequency-shift the output from the near infrared to green, blue, or even UV.
Cr:YAG Crystal
Cr:YAG Crystal is a material that can be used as an active media for CW, pulsed or self mode-locked tunable NIR solid-state lasers with the tunability range of 1340-1580 nm as well as a media for Q-switching in lasers with operating wavelength at 950-1100 nm. It is particularly useful in practical applications because of convenient absorption band of Cr+4 around 1 mm which gives possibilities to pump it by regular Nd:YAG lasers.
MgO Crystal
Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal or MgO is an excellent single crystal substrate for thin films of Ferro magnetic,Photo-electronic and high Tc superconductor materials. Red Optronics uses a special arc melting method to grow high purity MgO crystal in sizes up to 2"x2"x1" and employs CMP method to prepare high quality substrates with atomic level smoothness.
Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz has high transmittance in ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum from 190 to 2900 nm. It features birefringence, ability to rotate plane polarized light, high damage threshold and resistance to scratching. Optical quality material is virtually bubble and inclusion free.
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Ceramic YAG
Single crystal YAG, grown using the Czochralski method, has been widely used as the oscillator for solid state lasers. It requires long process time and high levels of experience to grow a YAG single crystal. Because of the pulled crystal method, the YAG single crystal has significant size and defect limitations such as core or facet defects that make single crystal YAG expensive.
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