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SM Fiber Patchcords
PM Fiber Patchcords
Nufern's Specialty Single Mode Fibers
Nufern Pure Silica Core Visible Wavelength Fibers
(S405-HP, S460-HP, S630-HP)
Nufern Visible Wavelength Select Cut-Off Single-Mode Fibers
(405-HP, 460-HP, 630-HP)
Nufern 780nm Select Cut-Off Single-Mode Fiber
Nufern 980/1060nm Select Cut-Off Single-Mode Fiber
Corning's Specialty Single Mode Fibers
Corning HI 780 SM Fiber for 780/850nm Optimized for Short Wavelength Sources
Corning HI 1060 SM Fiber for 980/1060nm Optimized for High Performance Photonic Applications
Nufern's Polarization Maintaining Fibers
Nufern Short Wavelength Pure Silica Core Polarization Maintaining Fibers
(PM-S350-HP, PM-S405-HP, PM-S460-HP, PM-S630-HP)
Nufern Polarization Maintaining Short Wavelength Fibers
(PM460-HP, PM630-HP, PM780-HP)
Nufern Polarization Maintaining Gyroscope & Sensor Fibers
(PM850G-80, PM1300G-80, PM1550G-80)
Nufern Polarization Maintaining Telecommunication Fibers
(PM980-HP, PM1300-HP, PM14XX-HP, PM1550-HP)
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