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Passive Fiber Optical Modules / Fiber Combiner and Beamsplitter
Full-Fiber PBS&PBC (All-PM or SM+PM Pigtailed) Series
The Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter is a compact high performance lightwave component that combines two orthogonal polarization signals into one output fiber. The most common application is to combine the light of two pump lasers into a single fiber to double the pump power to an Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) or a Raman Amplifier.
View Details:   PHOTONIK_Full-Fiber_PBS&PBC(All-PM_or_SM-PM_Pigtailed)Series_Rev03.pdf
7x1 Fiber-Based Power Combiner PFC100 Series
PFC100 Series 7x1 MM fiber combiner can be used for high power fiber laser and fiber amplifier applications, which can combine 7 pump lasers into one fiber and create a single high power laser source.
Input Fiber: 105 / 125um MM (Single Core)
Output Fiber: 200 / 230um MM (Single Core)
Input Power (Max): 7 x 15 W typical
View Details:   PHOTONIK_7x1_Fiber-Based_Power_Combiner_PFC100_Series.pdf
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